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Square Work Lamp 5 x 3W LEDs Flood Beam 756 Lumens (Effective) Current Draw: 1.3A (12V) / 0.6A (24V) 2 Years Warranty The featured work lamps offer 12/24V versatility, and all lamps are built to a high quality standard with toughened lenses, highly durable housings and IP67 ingress protection, making them ideal for a wide range of Marine and Commercial applications efficiently illuminating in even the harshest of environment 12/24V Black Powder Coated Die Cast AluminiumHousings Polycarbonate Lenses Protected to IP67 Vehicle Work Lights 11015BM Black Housing Small Scene Lamp 12/24V Multivolt 3 x 1.5W LEDs Fully waterproof IP67 302 Lumens (Effective) Scene Lamp The Scenelite from Labcraft produces a superior illumination due to it’s unique design. Four LEDs are pointed towards the ground with the outer LEDs pointing outwards giving a wider spread of light up to 50m². This lamp utilises the very best in LED CREE technology giving 1700 lumens of effective light. Potted in resin these lamps are rated to IP67 making them suitable for all Marine and Commercial applications. 7705BM Black Housing 7705WM White Housing 7705RP3 30º Angled rubber mounting S16-6.3MV 1700 Lumens (Effective) Only 18W Power Consumption 10-32V Protected to IP67 Unique light projection covering over 50m² 10 Year Warranty 10-32V 12/24V 12/24V Angled rubber mounting For pricing and orders visit: or contact us on: 94 Lighting : Work Lamps & Floodlights L I G H T I N G : W O R K L A M P S & F L O O D L I G H T S