Auto & Marine Electrical Products

Rudder Angle Sensor WE/150311 Single & dual station sensor For use when fitting Fuel, Water andWaste Tank Sensors WE/163200 Weld Ring WE/FL2 5 hole Nylon Flange WE/HFL 6 hole Stainless Steel Flange WE/S3-E150 Fuel/Water 150mm WE/S3-E200 Fuel/Water 200mm WE/S3-E250 Fuel/Water 250mm WE/S3-E300 Fuel/Water 300mm WE/S3-E350 Fuel/Water 350mm WE/S3-E400 Fuel/Water 400mm WE/S3-E450 Fuel/Water 450mm WE/S3-E500 Fuel/Water 500mm WE/S3-E550 Fuel/Water 550mm WE/S3-E600 Fuel/Water 600mm WE/S3-E650 Fuel/Water 650mm Fuel/Water sensors with 1¼” BSP thread fitting, select flange adaptor below. More sensors available up to 1.6 metres. Fuel / Water Tank Sensors Ohms Converter Flange Adaptors Connector Block These connector blocks and looms make for easy fitting especially in confined places FRG9001 Complete with 500mm cable FRG4000 Fuel/Water Sender UK/US Ohms Converter – Can convert your sender from 0-190ohm (European spec) to 240-33ohm (US Spec) or vice versa. For use with Wema Fuel/Water senders. tel +44 (0)23 9266 8621 : email 85 Marine Gauges & Accessories M A R I N E G A U G E S & A C C E S S O R I E S