Auto & Marine Electrical Products

12v 7 Pin Plugs & Sockets 12v Pre-wired units Electrical hook-up equipment for trucks, trailers and caravan applications. Trailer Plugs & Sockets ‘N’ Series: Connects rear lights to tow vehicle. ‘S’ Series: Connects caravan to tow vehicle. 8JA001918002 7 Pin Metal Plug ‘N’ Series. 8JB001941002 7 Pin Metal Socket ‘N’ Series. 8JA001930003 7 Pin Plastic Plug ‘N’ Series. 8JB001943003 7 Pin Plastic Socket ‘N’ Series. 8JB001943011 With fog cut-out 8JA001930031 7 Pin Plastic Plug ‘S’ Series. 12v 13 Pin Plugs & Sockets 13 Pin to 7 Pin Adaptors PP13 13 Pin Plastic Plug. PS13 13 Pin Plastic Socket. A137 13 Pin Socket to 7 Pin Plug Adaptor. 8JB001943041 7 Pin Plastic Socket ‘S’ Series RI/RCT380 Audible Relay 8XY400L00001 Pre-wired ‘N’ Series single socket & plate with 2 metres of cable. A138 Convert any 13 pin caravan plug to fit a 7 pin socket. Suitable for 12N electrics. For pricing and orders visit: or contact us on: 70 Shore Power & Trailer Equipment S H O R E P O W E R & T R A I L E R E Q U I P M E N T