Auto & Marine Electrical Products

Shore Power Equipment International Ship-to-Shore Range MAR/1MSPPXP 16A 1m MAR/15MSPPXP 16A 15m MAR/25MSPPXP 16A 25m 230v Marinco Stainless Steel Inlet Solid cast marine grade 316 stainless steel with heavy duty cap strap for strength and durability. 230v Marinco Plastic Inlet UV stabilized glass-filled polyester construction for long-lasting strength Marinco Shore Power Cord Sets MAR/305CRCXNPK Connector body 16A, 230V / 50Hz MAR/103RNXPK Cover for 16A Connector MAR/199109PK Cap for 16A Connector Marinco Connectors, Boots & Caps MAR/1M32AXP 32A 1m MAR/15M32AXP 32A 15m Easy Lock™ System. Soft Touch Cap Design. Rear Safety Enclosure with Strain Relief. IP56 Rated. Easy Lock™ System. Rear Safety Enclosure with Strain Relief. IP56 Rated. High Quality and Durable Marine Grade. H07BQ-F 3G 2.5mm² Harmonized Cable. IEC 60309 Plug 2P+E, 250V / 50Hz. Watertight Connector Sealing Cap for CE Compliance. Moulded Connector with LED Indicator Light. MAR/6360CRNXPK Connector body 32A, 230V / 50Hz MAR/7715CRNXPK Cover for 32A Connector MAR/199110PK Cap for 32A Connector 108mm 58mm 99mm 3DRILLHOLES (80mm) 22mm 54mm HOLECUT Ø58mm FITTINGPATTERN 104mm 83mm 62mm DRILLHOLES 62mm DRILLHOLES HOLECUT Ø58mm 63mm FITTINGPATTERN 58mm 29mm MAR/303SSEL-BXPK 16A 230V / 50Hz MAR/6371EL-BX 32A 230V / 50Hz MAR/304EL-BX 16A 230V / 50Hz MAR/6343EL-BX 32A 230V / 50Hz For pricing and orders visit: or contact us on: 68 Shore Power & Trailer Equipment S H O R E P O W E R & T R A I L E R E Q U I P M E N T