Auto & Marine Electrical Products

20mm LED Panel Indicator Mini Panel Indicator Panel Indicators Buzzer Alarms Red flashing panel indicator, Ø8.2mm panel cut out. Supplied with 300mm lead. 060755 12V 060775 24V 13mm Panel Indicators 060902 Blue Panel indicator with 12V bulb included, Ø13mm panel cut out. For 24V please use bulb type 283. 060904 Green 060905 Red 060910 Amber Vehicle Panel Indicators Light panel indicator with red illumination, Ø14.5mm panel cut out. Bulb not included, for 12V use 288 bulb and for 24V use 289. 060951 Battery 060953 Oil 060956 Brake 460954 Temperature 060957 Indicator 060959 Pre-heat VA/214/B Blue Ø20mm panel cut out 12/24V VA/214/G Green Single hole fixing buzzer with two 6.3mm spade terminals. For use with low pressure switches. Loud and urgent tone, 90dB at 20cm. RI/RMB12 12V Black Case RI/RMB24 24V Red Case WE/162010 3-28V Panel fit intermittent buzzer, 98dB, Ø 33mm WE/162201 8-32V Surface mount waterproof intermittent buzzer, 77/55dB, 77.5 x 48 x 26mm (L,W,H) VA/214/R Red VA/214/A Amber BEP/80-511-0009-00 Panel fit Buzzer & Red Warning Light, 12V, 80dB IP50 Ø19mm panel cut out For pricing and orders visit: or contact us on: 64 Switches, Relays, Indicators & Alarms S W I T C H E S , R E L A Y S , I N D I C A T O R S & A L A R M S