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Switch Panels Splash Proof Fused Switch Panels Splash Proof Rocker Switch Panels with 12V LED illuminations and glass fuse holders. All panels are fully cabled and come complete with mixed glass fuses, fixings, gasket and legend sheet. 15A Switches. VA/146 3-Way 135 x 95mm VA/842 4-Way 135 x 95mm VA/172 6-Way 135 x 190mm VA/841 3-Way with dual battery voltmeter and 12v cigar socket 135 x 190mm VA/136 Bilge alarm panel with 2 x 12/24V indicators, alarm and glass fuse holder. 50 x 90mm Adjustable Livewell Timer with Switch VA/215 • Automatically turns livewell pump ON and OFF for desired circulation and aeration. • Includes 3 position rocker switch for OFF, Timed or Constant run operation: Push ON: Constant run Push OFF: Pump off Push Timer: Runs pump for 30 seconds, with pauses adjustable from 2 seconds to 5 minutes. • 12V, 10A Rated • For use with any livewell recirculation pump. • Automatic operation increase fishing time. VA/187 Bilge Switch & Alarm panel with LED indictors 12/24V and 10A glass fuse. 115 x 63mm VA/174 Waterproof bilge pump switch panel, 12V LED illumination and glass fuse holder. 50 x 90mm Bilge Pump Control Panels Livewell Timer Control Panel IP65 SPLASH PROOF For pricing and orders visit: or contact us on: 62 Switches, Relays, Indicators & Alarms S W I T C H E S , R E L A Y S , I N D I C A T O R S & A L A R M S