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Windlass Switches 065600 On/Off Rotary switch with 12V illumination and lens (Amber, Green, Red). Splash proof to IP53, 12mm panel cut out, 15A. 065603 Off/On/On Rotary switch. Splash proof to IP53, Ø12mm panel cut out, 15A. 065604 Off/Side/Head 3 position Rotary switch. Splash proof to IP53, Ø12mm panel cut out, 29A. Rotary Switches VA/200 20mm, 10A Contour Interior Rocker Switches The interior series is supplied standard with a three terminal on/on switch which can be used for on/off circuits or two-way light installations. Switches can be turned 90 deg for horizontal mounting. VA/201/A Amber VA/201/B Blue VA/201/G Green VA/201/R Red VA/202/A Amber VA/202/B Blue VA/202/G Green VA/202/R Red VA/200 Series Rocker Switches On/off round rocker switch, single pole with 4.8mm blade terminals. With 12V coloured llumination. 20mm, 10A With 12V coloured dot Illumination 20mm, 10A VA/203 Momentary 20mm, 6A VA/209 15mm, 6A Toggle switches rated at 20 amps Ø13mm Panel Hole Toggle Switches Part No Function Pole 316-822 On/Off SP 316-845 On/On SP 316-850 Flash/Off SP 316-636 On/Off/On SP 316-642 On/Off/On DP 316-852 Flash/Off/Flash SP 316-855 On/Off/Flash SP 316-967 Splash proof boot 060360 On/Off Micro Toggle Switch IP67 5A / 28V DC Ø6.5mm Panel Hole, Solder Lug Terminals Micro Toggle Switch • 12V DC Illumination, 10A DC Rated Switch • Surface or Recess Mounted • Labels Included BEP/11010-BK Double On/Off BEP/1100-BK Single On/Off VA/179 Windlass up/down switch panel with 12V illumination. 50 x 75mm VA/178 Windlass foot switch complete with cover and screws. 60mm hole cut out. 150A continuous rating. tel +44 (0)23 9266 8621 : email 61 Switches, Relays, Indicators & Alarms S W I T C H E S , R E L A Y S , I N D I C A T O R S & A L A R M S