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Part No Colour Cable Hole Size BT450P Positive 8.9mm 25 > 35mm² BT450N Negative 8.9mm 25 > 35mm² BT451P Positive 11.1mm 50mm² BT451N Negative 11.1mm 50mm² BT452P Positive 14.3 > 95mm² BT452N Negative 14.3 > 95mm² Part No Colour Stud Size (Ø x H) BT461P Positive 8 x 14mm BT461N Negative 8 x 14mm BT463P Positive 10 x 14mm BT463N Negative 10 x 14mm BT465P Positive 10 x 30mm BT465N Negative 10 x 30mm BT462P Positive (wingnut) 8 x 16mm BT462N Negative (wingnut) 8 x 16mm Screw Battery Terminals Stud Battery Terminals Quick Release Battery Terminals BT330NP.25 Designed to be fitted onto or removed from a battery without tools. Material – Passivated steel. Suitable for cables up to 25mm². Battery Terminals Crocodile Clips VA/901/50 50A Nickel plated steel crocodile clip 102mm Long, 50mm Jaw Opening VA/901/5 5A Nickel plated steel crocodile clip 44mm Long, 13mm Jaw Opening VA/901/25 25A Nickel plated steel crocodile clip 76mm Long, 32mm Jaw Opening Red Suitable for cable up to 50mm² Black Suitable for cable up to 50mm² Fully Insulated Crocodile Clips Part No Max Load JLC180R 170 Amps JLC310R 300 Amps Part No Max Load JLC180B 170 Amps JLC310B 300 Amps For pricing and orders visit: or contact us on: 52 Cable, Terminals & Accessories C A B L E , T E R M I N A L S & A C C E S S O R I E S