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Heat Shrink Insulated Terminals RED Heat Shrink Terminals 0.65 - 1.5mmCable Entry (Box of 100 or Loose) BLUE Heat Shrink Terminals 1.5 – 3.0mmCable Entry (Box of 100 or Loose) YELLOW Heat Shrink Terminals 3.0 – 6.0mmCable Entry (Box of 100 or Loose) Ring HT/306 6mm HT/308 8mm HT/310 10mm Fork HT/315 5mm Box of 50 Butt Splice HT/326 Female Spade HT/312 6.3mm Ring HT/104 4mm HT/105 5mm HT/106 6mm HT/108 8mm HT/110 10mm Fork HT/114 4mm Butt Splice HT/126 Female Spade HT/112 6.3mm Male Spade HT/111 6.3mm Male Bullet HT/124 4mm Female Bullet HT/125 4mm Ring HT/204 4mm HT/205 5mm HT/206 6mm HT/208 8mm HT/210 10mm Fork HT/213 5mm Butt Splice HT/226 Female Spade HT/212 6.3mm Male Spade HT/211 6.3mm Male Bullet HT/224 5mm Female Bullet HT/225 5mm Heat Shrinkable Solder Joiners Butt Splice, in Boxes of 100 or Loose 630 Pieces in this Box DMK1 630 piece terminal kit including a Ratchet Crimping Tool, Cutting Tool and cable ties. Each case is made from heavy duty steel, has metal closing straps and a carrying handle for ease of use. RKB-601-1 120 piece terminal kit in a box with a clear lid. RKB-605.1 56 piece terminal kit with crimping tool in a box with a clear lid. Insulated Terminal Kits Heat Shrink Terminal Kit RKB-700 100 piece mixed terminals in a box with a clear lid. T4060001 Red T4060002 Blue T4060003 Yellow TT95 Gas operated micro torch suitable for brazing, soldering etc. • Instant electronic ignition • Adjustable flame and a refillable tank which uses standard butane lighter fuel • Burning time approx. 60 minutes per refill. TT320 Ratchet Crimping Tool suitable for Heat Shrink Terminals 0.5-6.0mm² Heat Shrink Terminal Tools tel +44 (0)23 9266 8621 : email 47 Cable, Terminals & Accessories C A B L E , T E R M I N A L S & A C C E S S O R I E S