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Insulated Terminals YELLOW Insulated Terminals 3.0 – 6.0mmCable Entry (Packs of 50) Ring PRY674 4.3mm PRY675 5.3mm PRY676 6.4mm PRY678 8.4mm PRY680 10.5mm Pack of 25 PRY320 12mm Pack of 25 Pin PRY622 1.9mm Butt Splice PRY551 Female Spade PRY543 6.3mm PRY555 9.5mm Male Spade PRY350 6.3mm Fully Insulated Female Spade PRY1543 6.3mm PRY1555 9.5mm Pack of 25 Male Bullet PRY850 5mm Female Bullet PRY849 5mm RED Insulated Terminals 0.65 - 1.5mmCable Entry (Packs of 50) Ring PRR633 3.2mm PRR100 3.7mm PRR634 4.3mm PRR635 5.3mm PRR636 6.4mm PRR638 8.4mm PRR640 10.5mm Fork PRR643 3.7mm PRR644 4.3mm PRR645 5.3mm Pin PRR566 1.9mm Butt Splice PRR545 Female Spade PRR559 2.8mm PRR741 4.8mm PRR541 6.3mm Piggy Back PRR561 6.3mm Male Spade PRR540 6.3mm Fully Insulated Female Spade PRR1741 4.8mm PRR1541 6.3mm Male Bullet PRR547 4mm Female Bullet PRR548 4mm BLUE Insulated Terminals 1.5 – 3.0mmCable Entry (Packs of 50) Ring PRU653 3.2mm PRU654 4.3mm PRU655 5.3mm PRU656 6.4mm PRU658 8.4mm PRU660 10.5mm Fork PRU663 3.7mm PRU664 4.3mm PRU665 5.3mm PRU666 6.4mm Pin PRU564 1.9mm Butt Splice PRU546 Female Spade PRU241 4.8mm PRU542 6.3mm Piggy Back PRU562 6.3mm Male Spade PRU211 6.3mm Fully Insulated Female Spade PRU1742 4.8mm PRU1542 6.3mm Male Bullet PRU1550 4mm PRU550 5mm Female Bullet PRU1549 4mm PRU549 5mm PRT3 Economy Crimping Tool for Insulated Terminals PRT5 Heavy duty double jaw ratchet crimping tool suitable for the full range of pre insulated terminals. The ratchet ensures that the correct crimping pressure is applied before release. Insulated Terminal Crimping Tools For pricing and orders visit: or contact us on: 46 Cable, Terminals & Accessories C A B L E , T E R M I N A L S & A C C E S S O R I E S