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VA/122H 12V High Tone VA/122L 12V Low Tone VA/120/24 24V Low Tone VA/120H 12V High Tone VA/120L 12V Low Tone Electric Horns Marine Trumpet Horns Trumpet Air Horn Twin Tone VA/121 12V 400-350Hz, 105dB 410/460mm Long VA/121/24 24V 400-350Hz, 105dB 410/460mm Long High Tone VA/121/MINI 12V 660Hz 228mm Long VA/122 12V 380Hz, 115dB 430mm Long VA/122/24 24V 390Hz, 112dB 430mm Long Disc Horns Trumpet Horns VA/121/AIR Twin Air Horn with Fitting Kit (12V) 117dB Reversing Safety Gas Detector RI/RRA100 12/24V Night silent facility Volume of 96 dB at 1m Waterproof Over voltage and reverse polarity protection H110 x W75 x D75 mm RI/RRA20 12-80V Volume 112dB at 1m Waterproof Over voltage and reverse polarity protection RI/RRA32 12V RI/RRA34 24V Night silent facility Volume of 85db at 1m Weather proof Over voltage and reverse polarity protection H75 x W70 x D50 mm The BEP Detectors use microprocessor control to ensure correct sensor sensitivity. The Detectors have the capability to control two sensors which detect both LPG and Petrol, with visual and audible alarms. There is a test switch to check operation of sensors with indicators for fault detection, with the additional ability to switch a valve on and off. The 600-GDL has a "pulse and hold" feature which allows the solenoid valve to be opened, using full power, and then reducing power to hold the valve in the open position. This reduces power consumption and heat generated whilst the valve is in the on position. Operating Voltage 10 - 32 Volts DC Self-testing capability Microprocessor control Provision for external alarm Automatic shut-off solenoid control with pulse and hold circuit for low power draw Provision for bilge blower Dual sensor capability BEP/600-GDL Gas Detector with Control BEP/BL-SL-L Gas Sensor with 5 Metre Lead Compact Reversing Alarm Standard Reversing Alarm Heavy Duty Reversing Alarm Gas Sensor tel +44 (0)23 9266 8621 : email 31 Electrical Equipment E L E C T R I C A L E Q U I P M E N T