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Contour Locking System gives you the option of a stand-alone unit or locked together with other Contour units providing a clean finished installation. Moulded in a high strength fibre reinforced plastic which provides excellent high temperature performance, and the greatest resistance to chemicals that damage other plastic types. Removable side plates which allows for connections from all sides. Contour Range Part No Stud Size Size BEP/702 1x10mm 69x69x50mm BEP/702-2S 2x10mm 69x69 x50mm Contour Enclosed Distribution Studs Part No Rating Voltage Operation Stud Size Size BEP/701 275A (Continuous) 48V On/Off 2x10mm 69x69x75mm 455A (5 min) / 1250A (10 sec) BEP/701-KEY-EP Emergency Parallel Battery Knob for BEP 701 Series (Replaces existing battery switch knob) BEP/701S 200A (Continuous) 48V 1-2-Both-Off 3x8mm 69x69x75mm 300A (5 min) / 1000A (10 sec) BEP/720 600A (Continuous) 48V On/Off 2x12mm 102x102x90mm 800A (5 min) / 2500A (10 sec) BEP/770-KEY-EP Emergency Parallel Battery Knob for BEP 720 Series (Replaces existing battery switch knob) BEP/713 Label Set for Contour Battery Switch Series Contour Battery Switches • Control knob can be removed • 52mmHole Cut Out for Panel Mounting Part No Rating Voltage Operation Stud Size Size BEP/701-MD 275A (Continuous) 9.5-32V On/Off 2x10mm 69x69x101mm 455A (5 min) / 1250A (10 sec) BEP/720-MDO 500A (Continuous) 9.5-32V On/Off 2x12mm 102x102x110mm 700A (5 min) / 2500A (10 sec) Contour Remote Operated Battery Switches • Battery switch can be mounted alongside battery, reducing cable lengths and cable sizes. • Manual Override Option • Power Draw: 12mA • LED Status Indicator • Surface or Rear Panel Mounted The BEP Digital Voltage Sensitive Relay is also mountable as part of the contour range see page 12. Reduces cable length and size, saving expense and weight in battery cable. BEP/701 BEP/701-KEY-EP BEP/770-KEY-EP BEP/701S BEP/713 BEP/720 BEP/701-MD BEP/720-MDO For pricing and orders visit: or contact us on: 18 Power Distribution P O W E R D I S T R I B U T I O N