Auto & Marine Electrical Products

Battery Isolators OS/14-385-50 Recess mounted battery switch with cover. Fitted with removable nickel-plated brass key. 280A Continuous 2500A (5 secs). Diameter: 105mm. Hole Cut Out: 80mm. Inside overhang (clamps included): 99mm. Studs: 10mm BT335N Isolator that fits directly to the negative battery terminal. Isolator Switches Battery isolator switch with removable key. 24mm cut out fitting. VA/307 Max Volt Rating: 50V Max Amp Rating: 50A Function: On/Off Heavy Duty Battery Isolators with M10 Studs and removable metal keys. 060510 Selector Switch (1,2,Both, Off) for surface mounting. 175A Continuous, 300A (10 sec), M10 studs, 136 Ø x 77mm Battery Selector Key Operated Battery Isolators Heavy Duty Key Operated Battery Isolators Mini Battery Isolator Master Switch Cut out VA/135/HD 58mm VA/135/DP Double Pole 24mm VA/135/HD/KEY Spare Key Cut out 6EK001559007 58mm 9SL042991001 Spare Key VA/135 M10 studs VA/135/KEY Spare Key 100A Continuous / 500A Intermittent @12V 6EK002843011 M10 tinned studs 100A Continuous / 500A Intermittent @12V 50A Continuous / 1000A Intermittent @12V 060500 M8 studs (Cover Included) 060599 Spare Key 250A Continuous / 2500A Intermittent @12V 100A Continuous / 2500A Intermittent @12V 3 Position switch ideal where multiple power sources are used such as inverters, shore power and generators. 230V Crossover Switches ST/SC16A Rated at 16A ST/SCS32A Rated at 32A ST/SCS50A Rated at 50A VA/135/LOCK 200A Continuous / 1000A Intermittent Panel mount battery switch with eyelets for padlock. Lockable Battery Switch 45mm tel +44 (0)23 9266 8621 : email 15 Power Distribution P O W E R D I S T R I B U T I O N