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Split Charging Management Samlex Voltage Sensitive Relays Ideal for Caravan, Motorhome and Campervans A small relay with an in built microprocessor that controls the charging between multiple batteries. Once the primary battery is charged the charge is paralleled and the auxiliary battery is charged. BEP Digital Voltage Sensitive Relay Ideal for Marine, Caravan, Motorhome and Campervans Interconnects with Contour Battery Switches (see pages 18-19) The Digital Voltage Sensing Relay (DVSR) allows the charging of a second battery bank from any single charging source. When the voltage on the charged bank rises sufficiently, the DVSR engages allowing the 2nd battery bank to charge. When charging stops and voltage falls, the DVSR automatically isolates the battery banks, ensuring that engine start batteries are kept fully charged. Digital circuitry provides superior reliability and extremely low power consumption. Digital enhancements have introduced remote sensing circuitry that allows an optional connection from the ignition switch to provide the same functionality as single sense VSR and zero power consumption when engine is off. Another benefit is a zero stand by current drawwhen remote sensing circuit is utilized with a storage mode switch fitted (switch in open position). Voltage Dimensions Output Amps SA/BS100 12/24V 46x46x80mm 100A SA/BS140 12/24V 46x46x80mm 140A SA/BSM140 (motion detection) 12/24V 46x46x80mm 140A EURO 5/6 engines SA/BS160 12/24V 58x72x108mm 160A BEP/710-140A 12/24V 140A Microprocessor Controlled Provides Priority for charging only the starter battery first Prevents excessive discharging of the starter battery Automatic detection of 12V or 24V DC systems Bi-Directional – If a battery charger is connected to auxiliary battery then starter battery will be charged. Over Voltage Protection – If exceeds 16V (32V) relay will shut off Battery Connection: 2 x M6 Studs / Other Connections: 6.3mm Spade Connects @ 13.2V (12V) / 26.4V (24V) Disconnects @ 12.8V (12V) / 25.6V (24V) Safely charge two or more independent battery banks from one charge source such as an alternator or battery charger Charges engine starting batteries before combining auxiliary bank for charging Protects start batteries from becoming flattened by domestic loads Isolates electronics from harmful electrical surges from starter motors Simple to install 3 wire connection leaves alternator wiring intact No volt drop vs diode isolators Ignition protected Surface or panel mountable Multi voltage, auto selects between 12 and 24V DC Digital circuits provide very low power consumption and enhanced performance Contourlock Mouldings for Modular Mounting with other Contour Modules Remote status LED output option Rating: 125A Continuous / 140A Intermittent Engages: 13.2 VDC, Disengages: 12.7 VDC SA/BS100 SA/BS140 SA/BS160 Engine Alternator Battery ONE Battery TWO Engine Alternator Battery ONE Battery TWO For pricing and orders visit: or contact us on: 12 Power Distribution P O W E R D I S T R I B U T I O N