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Labcraft Slimline Chart Lamp The light features a rotating lens that changes between white and red light. The arm is durable and robust and will stay in any position required. Featuring the latest in LED technology the light will only consume 0.07A of power. An integrated switch is located at the base of the unit. Dual Colour (Red/White) <1W Power Consumption 72 Lumens Durable Adjustable Arm Slimline Design Integrated Switch at Base IP40 10 Year Warranty ML2271 12V ML2271/2 24V 12 or 24V Fully compatible with our Berker Series of sockets, switches and bezels, see pages 33-35 BK/20322A Rotary Dimmer Switch 12V, 30W, Suitable for LED lighting BK/21501 Simply touch the middle of the faceplate with your finger tip to turn lights on or off, hold to dim lights up or down. 12/24V DC, Max: 30W@ 12V / 50W@ 24V LED Dimmer Switches tel +44 (0)23 9266 8621 : email 113 Lighting : Interior & Exterior L I G H T I N G : I N T E R I O R & E X T E R I O R