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LED Strip Lights Quick and easy to install the Orizon can be installed in a variety of ways such as adhesive strip or using the optional mounting clips (sold separately). With a low profile design and a choice of lighting levels the Orizon is a simple no-nonsense choice. Interior or Exterior 12V or 24V options Cool White Quick and Easy Install Waterproof to IP66 Part No Lumens Voltage Power Size mm LEDCW500PV3 640 12V 6 Watts 522 x 18 x 11 LEDCW500PV3/2 640 24V 6 Watts 522 x 18 x 11 LEDCW1000PV3 1280 12V 12 Watts 1022 x 18 x 11 LEDCW1000PV3/2 1280 24V 12 Watts 1022 x 18 x 11 LEDCW-CLIP Mounting Clip LEDCW-CAP Mounting End Cap Low Profile (11mm) Pre-wired with 480mm of cable 10 Year Warranty 12 or 24V Mounting Clip Mounting End Cap Orizon 12 or 24V Set in a tough aluminiumhousing, the Nebula is quick and easy to install. Comes with a optional integrated switch fitted neatly into the end cap. Utilizing the same technology as the Orizon this lamp is suitable for both interior and exterior use. Interior or Exterior Tough AluminiumHousing Impact Deflection Design 12V or 24V Options Cool White IP66 (non-switched) IP60 (switched) Pre-wired with 480mm of cable 10 Year Warranty Part No Switch Lumens Voltage Power Length S15CW500-12V No 640 12V 6W 624mm S15CW500S-12V Yes 640 12V 6W 624mm S15CW500-24V No 640 24V 6W 624mm S15CW500S-24V Yes 640 24V 6W 624mm S15CW1000-12V No 1280 12V 12W 1124mm S15CW1000S-12V Yes 1280 12V 12W 1124m S15CW1000-24V No 1280 24V 12W 1124mm S15CW1000S-24V Yes 1280 24V 12W 1124mm Nebula The Astro incorporates the Orizon strip light which uses the latest in LED technology, giving you a longer life LED lamp. This makes the Astro twice as long as a standard awning light, thereby increasing the spread of light making it ideal for illuminating work areas, shelving, lockers and door entrances. Interior or Exterior 12V Only Cool White 640 Lumens LL2CW500 Cool White 6 Watts Power Consumption Waterproof to IP66 10 Year Warranty 12V Astro Awning Ideal for hidden recess and under cupboard lighting For pricing and orders visit: or contact us on: 108 Lighting : Interior & Exterior L I G H T I N G : I N T E R I O R & E X T E R I O R